Harmless Heroes Services

We are the starter guild you have been looking for.

Harmless Hero Merchandise campaigns.

This is a hobby for HarmlessJack and Wulfbiter. They pay for websites, designs and servers from their own pockets. In order for us to continue to run we rely on merchandise campaigns and donations. At various times we will design and run merchandise campaigns.

We can also do this for you!

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Twitch Chat Support

Streaming to a live audience can be a challenging ordeal, so why do it alone! While we cannot be there for every stream often the heroes from this guild support each other how ever they can, be it moderators, lurking in twitch chat or actively driving conversation in your channel.


personalized discord management

Discord is a powerful tool for any content creator. It can be used as a message board, a chat room, and a voice chat program whether you are live or not. While you are getting your own discord populated with your viewers you can hang out in ours. This will allow you to see what you would like to do or not like to do when it comes time to create your own Discord server.



set-up and ongoing stream support.

Each streamer has different needs for their stream, and streaming from different machines, with different network connections, have different requirements. While we do not always have the answer we could have a member who does.