Active Heroes

These are some of the Heroes you can go and watch right now!


Harmless Jack

Some would call him the first Hero of sorts. Jack likes to play RPGs, FPS, and anything that's fun with a crowd. Known for his terrible puns and his competitive spirit.


Mama Nostariel

Mama loves to chill mostly in Vanilla Minecraft. There she has become the ultimate master of the universe, with minimal dying and hey look a squid! Hilarity ensues, no matter the game she is playing and mostly when she least expects it. Her good spirits, beautiful soul and relaxing nature highlight a wonderful community she has built.



Hi Klokwrk here. I am a gamer from Maryland. I play a little bit of everything from Borderlands to Rimworld to Outward and everything inbetween. I mostly play PC games but on occasion will stream from console (I'm looking at you Kingdom Hearts). As well as being a streamer I am also part of B.A.D (Baltimore Anime Denizens). If you are looking for events related to Japanese Culture check us out at

Jungle Stream 1.png

The Jungle Girl

The first streamer to join the Harmless Heroes after its founding, The Jungle Girl will take you on an adventure that could last minutes, days or years. Jungle is known for an easy smile, heartfelt discussions and a variety of games.



Wulfbiter has become a dirty casual streamer who has limited time for games. The games that are mostly played on his channel are FPS with other Harmless Heroes, some who stream and some who do not. You can catch him as a co-streamer and supporter of multiple Harmless Heroes Streamers.