Active Heroes

These are some of the Heroes you can go and watch right now!


Harmless Jack

Some would call him the first Hero of sorts. Jack likes to play RPGs, FPS, and anything that's fun with a crowd. Known for his terrible puns and his competitive spirit, You can catch Harmless Jack Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday Nights.


The Jungle Girl

The first streamer to join the Harmless Heroes after its founding, The Jungle Girl represents everything it means to be a Harmless Hero. Jungle is known for an easy smile and her heartfelt discussions and you can catch her Monday through Friday.

Jungle Stream 1.png


Wulfbiter  is a casual streamer who enjoys playing MMORPGs and FPS with other Heroes, management games and rogue like rpgs. You can catch him as a co-streamer and supporter of multiple Harmless Heroes Streamers.