About the Harmless Heroes

The Harmless Heroes are a community of artists, entertainers, and content creators who have a passion for helping the world while providing entertainment for all who come. We strive to make our community a welcoming place for everyone and will always go out of our way to help a fellow Hero. 

How did the Harmless Heroes start?

A fateful night in the Fall of 2015 co-founder Wulfbiter stumbled upon a streamer who was playing an archaic game (Mythic Entertainment's Dark Age of Camelot) and clearly had no idea what he was doing. That streamer was HarmlessJack. There were many comments and suggestions starting, and ending, with"You're doing that wrong" from Wulf, yet they still became fast friends. Wulf put together a discord server, inviting his friends, Jack's friends, viewers, soon to be Heroes one and all.

TheJungleGirl approached

Our first hero, after Harmless Jack and Wulfbiter, is TheJungleGirl. Wulfbiter found her streaming and her chat locked. After 30 minutes of waiting he inquired about her game, about her and about why the heck was her stream chat set to followers only (and only after they had been following for 30 minutes). The heroes assembled with her as the focus and have been assisting her since!